Mean, a censorship-resistant, user-friendly, permissionless bank, is bringing traditional banking operations and real-time payments to crypto and DeFi, allowing users from all over the globe to open and manage international accounts holding thousands of assets such as stablecoins and tokens.

Mean provides institutional-level security for self-custody asset management, facilitating real-time financing making it accessible to everyone while the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy. As the cryptocurrency market grows, Mean will fill the need left by the lack of reliable, user-friendly, private, and cost-effective self-custody options.

According to Moe Iman, Head of Partnerships and Growth at MeanDAO, “With the crypto industry reaching trillion dollars market, it has become imperative to provide top grade security, so we are using Smart Contracts, Threshold Multisig, and BLS to bring to life a Super Safe.”

“Super Safe is perfect for managing advanced asset management issues such as account delegation, social account recovery with guardians or witnesses, dead man’s switch workflows for asset legacy, and inheritance, among others. It’s all thanks to multisig’s flexibility in social engineering security.” He added.

MeanDAO isn’t content to merely provide customers with safe banking options; instead, it’s working toward a future in which self-custody is simple and pervasive, allowing anyone to easily and instantly open, manage, and control their economic means at any time, day or night, in a dependable, censorship-free protocol.

Moreover, Mean Payment Protocol feature makes it easy for companies, teams, and investors to pay full-time and contractual contributors and employees in cryptocurrency and others to manage token vesting and treasury through the platform. Founded in 2020, Mean raised $3.5 million in private funding last year, including the launch of its governance token, $MEAN. Also, MeanDAO’s utility token $MEAN has been listed on, BitMart, AAX, and MEXC, representing roughly 43% of its total supply.

By providing security, accessibility, and privacy in a streamlined user interface, Mean’s method stands out as a paradigm for treasury asset management. Keeping privacy at heart, MeanDAO actively promotes decentralisation and privacy while limiting centralisation.

In an effort to make it simple for investors and protocols to manage their assets using Mean SuperSafe, MeanDAO has partnered with Credix. As a result of the agreement, investors can rest assured that their assets will be transported securely through Credix and will be confident that their assets are safe through MeanDAO.

As described in its roadmap, MeanDAO is currently in stage 5, focusing on MultiChain and Cross-Chain liquidity & swaps, along with bridges & virtual machines. The MeanDAO platform will continue to provide real-time cashflow and crypto asset management solutions to businesses, individuals, and institutions.

About Mean

As a permissionless, trustless bank, Mean offers standard banking workflows, real-time financial data, and censorship resistance to crypto and DeFi. It is also user-friendly, self-custodial, and user-friendly. Individuals and organizations worldwide can set up and manage international accounts that can contain thousands of assets, including stablecoins and tokens. Among the tools available to DAOs, initiatives, and organizations are multi-signature capabilities, treasuries, payrolls, payments, and collections.

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