Bitshiba is back again with very big news for its community. The cryptocurrency will be scheduling its next pump upcoming week and the official announcement will be made on Bitshiba’s socials. This will be a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts who may or may not already hold $SHIBA. 
Ever since the beginning of its launch, Bitshiba has been fair. It launched a presale with no team tokens and 50% of Bitshiba tokens were set aside for liquidity on Pancakeswap and the rest of the 50% were burnt.  It has a fixed supply with no new minting possible scheduled here on. The liquidity is locked till the year 2099 and the entire control of the token is with the community of Bitshiba. 
A Promising Token 
Bitshiba actively takes in the suggestions and ideas of the community. It holds its people above everything and the functioning of the $SHIBA token is based on what the community decides. The DAO proposals and voting within the stakeholders of Bitshiba is the decision-making process for almost everything concerned about the token and even the price. The token is audited by Certik and it has also been around for quite some time for people to have established full trust in it. 
$SHIBA can be used in many decentralised applications thus it has versatile utility. Any application on Binance Smart Chain like swaps, farming, blockchain, games, NFT, community voting and so on can use $SHIBA which is much less expensive than other tokens. 
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Contract Address: 0xb84cbbf09b3ed388a45cd875ebba41a20365e6e7
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