Apex Trader is a crypto trading bot platform that enables its users to engage in automated trading and make the most of their crypto trading potential. The platform features trading bots that can be used to employ a number of trading strategies, and work via API connections to popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, ByBit, Kraken, and KuCoin.Apex Trader is highly configurable and provides over 100 technical indicators which means that anyone can create their own automated trading strategies and then deploy them to run 24/7 on a wide range of trading pairs.Strategies based upon Profit Taking, Reverse Trading, and Dollar Cost Averaging are all incorporated and you can create and store an unlimited number of strategies. Apex also tracks a maximum of 75 active positions at any one time, and caters to traders of differing experience levels by providing community shared strategies that anyone can follow.The platform’s free 7 day trial period also allows you to get a feel for Apex before committing to a paid monthly subscription.Visit Apex TraderApex Trader OverviewApex Trader is based in the United Kingdom and while the website doesn’t provide any information on the team behind the project, it states that the project is registered in the UK and retains a company number of 09757060.As a result, we can discern that the platform is operated by Apex Trader Software Limited which retains a registered office address at Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX, and dates back to 2015 under the original name of Skylit Ltd. Apex Trader HomepageThe platform allows anyone to engage in round the clock, automated trading on four leading exchanges, and incorporates features such as dedicated server hosting, external signal integration, and integrated Trading View charts.In addition, Apex Trader also provides access to over 100 technical indicators which can be incorporated and run on their own or combined to create unique ‘hybrid’ strategies.Upon signing up, new members are eligible for a 7 day free trial, and when this is over, the Apex (Spot) trading bot package is available for £30 per month. The Mako (Margin) trading bot package for market making/scalping on ByBit is available for £60 per month. The platform supports fiat payments via PayPal as well as payments in crypto in currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDC.Apex Trader Key FeaturesFunctionality – Apex Trader operates as a web-based platform and incorporates a clean and intuitive design style. The trading dashboard is also well laid out and contains detailed performance stats, automated coin selections, and integrates comprehensive charting by Trading View.Technology – The platform works via API connection with supported cryptocurrency exchanges, and allows users to trade 24/7 by configuring and setting up automated trading bots. Apex Trader makes use of 2FA security, dedicated servers that help bots run efficiently, and built in automation that allow bots to be configured to switch strategies according to changing market conditions.Range of Tools – Apex incorporates over 100 technical indicators including Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Relative Strength Index (SRSI), Parabolic SAR (PSAR), the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), Ichimoku Cloud (IC), the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and the Money Flow Index (MFI). Users can also run single strategies or create ‘hybrid’ strategies and Apex tracks up to 75 active positions at any one time.Simple Subscription Plan – Anyone can sign up and take advantage of the free 7 day trial period, and after testing out the platform, there are a couple of monthly subscriptions are available. These are currently priced at £30 and £60 per month, and there are no additional trading fees or restrictions on trade volume or performance.Customer Support – The Apex Trader team have spent a significant amount of time developing their customer support, and users can contact the team via email to [email protected] or by submitting a request in the support section. The team can also be contacted via their Twitter account, Discord group, and Facebook The team also run a Telegram group and provide additional resources such as user guides and an FAQ page in the Support Section.How to Get Started on Apex TraderTo create an account, just click the “Register Now” tab towards the left of the home page.1)  Create an AccountFrom here you can click the “Create a New Account” option, and to sign up, you just need to enter an email address and create a password.2) Connect an ExchangeYou can now configure your trading account and connect with a supported exchange after filling out all the necessary account information and setting up two factor authentication (2FA).From here, you can create an account on a supported exchange or log into your existing account and locate your API keys by navigating to the Account section and selecting “API Management” and “Create/Create API” on Binance or Kucoin.When you are inside your Kraken account, you will need to click on Settings, then API, and then click on the “+ Generate New Key” button.For Binance, you can follow the process of selecting API Management, and then labelling and creating a new API key.You will then need to enter your 2FA code to confirm the key creation, and also follow the instructions sent in the confirmation email. From here, you will be able to see the API keys, and edit your API key restrictions.You can complete the setup process by returning to Apex Trader and entering the required information when creating a bot profile.3) Create a StrategyTo create your own strategies, you can click on the “Strategies” header in the Dashboard, and enter the type, name, and description of your strategy.You can also select the candle style and scan time that you prefer and configure the trade sizes, position allocation, base currency, and trade mode from the general settings tab. You can also opt to use a community built strategy, and select a popular strategy from the Strategy Center.How to Create a Bot on Apex TraderIn order to create your first bot on Apex Trader you just need to click on the ‘Bots’ header in the dashboard and then click ‘New Bot’ which is located in the top right corner of the screen. For first time users of the platform, the 7-day free trial is automatically added to your first bot.Once you click on ‘New Bot’ you will be given the option to select an APEX (spot trading) or MAKO (market making) trading bot.To create an APEX trading bot, you’ll need to click on the corresponding image and then fill out all the necessary details including the bot’s name, the exchange it will be deployed on, and the base currency it will trade in.You will also need to input your chosen strategy as well as API key details before clicking on “Create”.The process for creating a MAKO bot which conducts market making on ByBit exchange is even more straightforward. After clicking the corresponding image you just need to enter the bot’s name alongside your API key information before clicking “Create”.The bot creation process may take a few minutes while Apex allocates resources towards your own VPS. Once your bot has been created you can use the ‘Settings’ tab to adjust additional options including the buy/sell strategy that your bot uses, your Auto Dollar Cost Averaging (ADCA) strategy, your Auto Reverse Trading (ART) strategy, base currency, and reserve allocation.You can also configure your position allocation, and your position allocation percentage split along with your minimum order, and enabling the Compound feature will result in Apex adding profits from your bots sales on to your position allocation.Once you are happy with your configuration you can enable Buying and Selling by clicking the ‘Cog’ towards the top right corner.It’s important to note that you can also use the Mode feature in the Settings to choose whether you use the Test Mode to fine tune your strategies or trade with real capital in Live Mode.Which Strategies Can You Use on Apex Trader?As previousl
y mentioned Apex provides access to over 100 technical indicators and these can be combined to create ‘Hybrids’ as well as run on their own time-frames within the same strategy.However, trading using Apex is generally focused on Buy/Sell, Dollar Cost Averaging and Reverse Trading configurations, and anyone opting for the popular take profit strategy has three options:Percent profit: Set a percentage from the initial purchase price.Trailing stop loss: Follow a price upwards and only sell once it starts to decline.Dynamic Profit Taking: Apex can scan recent market movements and provide a custom percent profit target.Sell on Technical Analysis: Build a custom sell strategy using any combination of indicators and time-frames.Dollar Cost AveragingDollar Costing Averaging (DCA) is a common technique used to spread and often lower the average cost of an asset. It can be very useful when a position has dipped into the red, and Apex provides both a manual and automated version of this process.You can access DCA by clicking ‘Actions’ and then selecting ‘DCA Position’, from here you can adjust the Multiplier which controls how many times you want to increase your position size.If you hold a position worth 0.1 BTC and select 2 in the multiplier, Apex will place and order for 0.2 BTC. The Order Type tab allow you to choose whether Apex places a limit or Market order and you can input the price you want the limit order placed at in the Price field.The Auto DCA feature automates the process of averaging out buy-ins on a particular position in order to bring them closer to a positive value. For example:If you buy 100 BAT for $100 (1 BAT = $1), and the price drops to 0.50$ per 1 BAT, then you buy a further $100 of BAT (1 BAT = 0.50$).Your average buy-in has been lowered to 0.75$ bringing you closer to a take profit value, and you can also choose to add an indicator along with its corresponding signal to enable more sophisticated trades with smarter DCA entry points than simply using threshold alone.Auto Reverse TradingAuto Reverse Trading (ART) can be used to sell a previously purchased coin in order to buy back at a lower price and then resell for a profit. To engage in ART successfully you must configure your bots Reverse Sell and Reverse Buy strategies, and a few Apex features that are unique to reverse buying include the “Only buy below last sell price” feature which stops your bot from attempting to rebuy if the price rises above your ART’s sell price, even if your rebuy strategy is met.The “Auto Rebuy above last sell price” function allows you to buy back into a position if it rises a certain percentage above your ART sell price, for example when a coin you sold begins to pump. Also, the “Auto Rebuy below n%” function allows you to define a set percentage as to when Apex should buy back into a position.When configuring your final sell you have three options, namely, Percent Profit, Profit Trail, and Dynamic Percent Profit which is based on your original strategy and not the ART strategy.Apex Trader PricingAll new members are eligible for a 7 day free trial, and when this period expires, the Apex (Spot) trading bot package for use on Binance, Kraken, and Kucoin is available for £30 per month.The Mako (Margin) trading bot package for market making/scalping on ByBit is available for £60 per month. There are no hidden/additional fees or charges on percentage of profit and there are also no restrictions on trade volume or performance.Apex also supports fiat payments via PayPal as well as payments in crypto in BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDC.How Secure is Apex Trader?The team behind the project do not elaborate on the security protocols they employ to secure their platform; however, it’s clear that they make use of standard email/password combinations to secure client accounts while the Apex Trader website makes use of SHA 256 encryption.Two factor authentication (2FA) is also supported, and Apex allows you to set up 2FA with popular apps such as Google Authenticator and Authy which can be found on both the Google and Apple app stores.The team also state that each subscription includes the hosting and management of a dedicated server to run your bot which should result in added security alongside quick response times.As with the majority of automated trading platforms, there’s no need for Apex Trader to obtain direct access to any of your funds and you aren’t required to transfer any funds to the platform.Apex connects via an Application Programming Interface (API) to your exchange accounts and this allows it to collect price and account balance data, and of course, place buy and sell orders.Due to the lack of info regarding security on offer, it’s best to enhance your own personal security as much as possible and this can be done by enabling 2FA in your account settings, disabling withdrawals from inside your crypto accounts, and by restricting the functionality of your API commands as desired.Despite the lack of info available, it’s worth remembering that Apex is based in the UK, and operates in line with the commercial and financial regulations of the country.The founders and core team are also available to talk to via a variety of channels and any issues should be able to be dealt with in good time.How Beginner Friendly is Apex Trader?Regardless of the trading platform you use, the practice of configuring and deploying trading bots to conduct automated trades is best suited to individuals with some experience of traditional and/or automated trading.Having said that, Apex Trader is generally well laid out and quite easy to use, although being able to successfully deploy winning strategies takes some practice.Anyone new to automated crypto trading can make use of the 7 day free trial and also continue to fine tune their strategies by using the Test Mode before trading with their real exchange funds in Live Mode.In addition, less experienced users can also browse through the popular community shared strategies in the Strategy Center, and test out how they perform in a number of scenarios before going on to build their own customized bots.As can be expected, the team also provide a range of resources which help to walk users through how the platform works and these include an FAQ section, written guides, and a forum that is available when you are logged into your account. Popular strategies voted for by the communityThere is also a Discord and Telegram group available which allows traders to communicate with each other in real time, although the Apex team are still in the process of building their online community. The ability to incorporate signals also comes in handy, and you can connect Apex to your favourite signal providers or integrate alerts with Trading View. Apex also supports Crypto Base Scanner, and you can integrate their signals via API into your chosen bot.The platform’s use of automation also makes handling changing market conditions more straightforward and automation rules are either Strategy based or revolve around Time Interval and Time Range, and enable automated strategy switches, position closing based on age, currency conversions, and panic sells. The Replenish BNB function can also be used to ensure that your account always has enough BNB to pay for trading fees.However, as Apex incorporates Trading View charts, over 100 technical indicators, and also allows users to track up to 75 active positions at any one time it is well suited to more experienced traders. The ability to create customized bots that make use of hybrid strategies is also appealing and anyone looking to set up DCA or ART activities which are also linked to the supported technical indicators is well covered. In addition, the MAKO bot which can only be used on ByBit is definitely most suited to more experienced crypto traders.ConclusionApex Trader is a solid performer in a sea of crypto bot trading platforms and probably most suits individuals with a specific set of trading needs. The support for Binance, Kraken, and Kucoin makes Apex an obvious choice for anyone active on those exchanges while the MAKO bot suits anyone lo
oking to automate trades on ByBit.The range of features on offer suit more experienced traders, although the Strategy Center caters to anyone still getting to grips with automated trading.The 7 day trial and test mode are also handy, and Apex Trader incorporates a simple and transparent pricing structure.Apex also allows you to customize your trading bots and configure them to create unique hybrid strategies, and to manage 75 active positions at any one time which is great news for highly active traders.Despite this, Apex Trader is one of the lesser known crypto bot trading platforms on the market, and is also still developing its online community, as a result it may be best suited to people in the UK looking to automate trading on Kraken which has a fiat gateway, or for anyone looking to engage in crypto trading on Binance, Kucoin, or ByBit.The team will have to continue to develop the platform in order to gain ground on the leading crypto trading bot providers but for now Apex Trader provides a solid service for crypto traders with specific requirements.Visit Apex Trader Apex Trader Pros UK Based CompanyEasy to Set UpWide Range of TA EnhancementsByBit Support Cons Only Supports 4 ExchangesNo mobile AppNewer Platform 2,213

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